Yoel of Londor
Yoel of Londor
NG HP HP Souls Souls
0 ? ?
1 ? ?
2 ? ?
3 ? ?
4 ? ?
5 ? ?
6 ? ?
7 ? ?
Strike Weakness Strike ?
Slash Weakness Slash ?
Thrust Weakness Thrust ?
Magic Resistance Magic ?
Fire Resistance Fire ?
Lightning Resistance Lightning ?
Dark Resistance Dark ?
Bleed Immunity Bleed ?
Poison Immunity Poison ?
Frost Immunity Frost ?


A pilgrim of Londor under the influence of Yuria.


Found in Firelink Shrine after speaking to him for the first time on a broken bridge just after the Foot of the High Wall bonfire right at the beginning of Undead Settlement. He can be found among the other pilgrims on the right side.

Item Drops


General Information

  • Sells Sorceries and offers to "draw out the true strength" of the player (level up the player for "free").
  • Gives the Beckon Gesture when talked to at Firelink Shrine.
  • Each time the player accepts a level from Yoel, they are branded with an additional Dark Sigil (key item in inventory). When the player dies with a Dark Sigil in their inventory, they will become one additional level hollowed for each Dark Sigil they have been branded with. The "Draw out true strength" option is available at hollowing level 0, 2, 6, 12, and 15.
  • Once the player has drawn out true strength five times with Yoel, Yoel will die the next time the area is loaded, his purpose fulfilled. Yuria of Londor will instead appear nearby, selling Yoel's spells plus additional items. (This is part of the Lord of Hollows Questline.)
  • Yoel will also die, his purpose unfulfilled, once the path to the Catacombs of Carthus is opened (directly after the Abyss Watchers fight). This will close off the Lord of Hollows questline and Yuria of Londor will never appear.



Voiced by: David Sterne


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