These objects have various uses, be it beneficial or detrimental. Certain objects can be interacted with similar to characters, but the key difference is that objects are not living, whilst characters are.

Object Usage Location
Altar of Sunlight Warriors of Sunlight Covenant leader Lothric Castle
Boulder o' Bones Damaging ball of bones that crush players as it rolls Catacombs of Carthus
Divine Spear Monument Spears of the Church Covenant leader The Ringed City
Farron Keep Flame Unlocks the door to the Abyss Watchers Farron Keep
Giant Tree Grants a Seed of a Giant Tree Cemetery of Ash
Old Wolf of Farron Watchdogs of Farron Covenant leader Farron Keep
Purging Monument Absolution, Dissolution, and reinstatement of the King's Decree The Ringed City
Sacrificial Altar Mound-Makers Covenant leader Undead Settlement
Smouldering Ballista Shoots the player Smouldering Lake
Statue of Velka Absolution, Dissolution, and reinstatement of the King's Decree Undead Settlement
The Great Bell Bell used to summon Nameless King in Archdragon Peak Archdragon Peak
White Birch Marks the places the Giant of the Undead Settlement shoots Undead Settlement
Cathedral of the Deep
Farron Keep
The Ringed City
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