A parry is the act of countering an enemy's melee attack through the use of a parry-enabled tool such as a shield or weapon (e.g. the Farron Greatsword) to stun the enemy for a follow-up attack. During a parried state, enemies are vulnerable and will take instability damage, and most enemies will be vulnerable to a riposte.

Partial Parries

If a parry connects with recovery frames or an unparriable attack, you get a partial parry. The attack will not be deflected, the user will not be staggered, and damage (as well as stamina damage) taken will be reduced based on the parry tool used. Occasionally, partial parries can happen on successful parries.

Spell Parry

Some shields have a spell parry, which will deflect spells away from the user if timed correctly. Deflected spells are not capable of damaging enemies, do not put the target in a vulnerable state, and not all spells can be parried effectively.

Additionally, despite being a spell, Farron Flashsword can be parried regardless of parry tool if the staff is parried. The target will be vulnerable and open to a riposte.


Frame Data

Parrying Tool (60 FPS) Startup Frames Active Frames Recovery Frames Roll Cancel
Bare Fist 8 8 42 58
Fists/Claws 9 8 38 54
Curved Swords [1] 12 4 38 54
Rapier 12 6 36 54
Parrying Dagger 12 8 30 50
Farron Greatsword 12 6 34 52
Katanas [2] 18 8 30 56
Katanas w/o Stance [2] 8 8 30 46
Parry Small Shields [3] 8 10 42 60
Small Shields 10 10 32 52
Small Shields (Mainhand) 8 12 18 38
Normal Shields 12 4 36 52
Normal Shields (Mainhand) 12 4 22 38
  • Active parry frames are reduced without the required Stats for Equipment

[1] Flip Curved Swords (except Demon's Scar):

[2] Katanas with Hold (except Frayed Blade)

[3] Parry Small Shields:


Player Attacks

Unparriable attacks for both players and NPCs. Note that parrying in PvP is less effective the better your opponent is, as parrying is easily punished by experienced players.

  • Running and Rolling R1s : Parriable on every weapon except Whips.
  • Unlocked, "dead angled" attacks of normally parryable attacks: Cannot be parried


Weapon Class Unparriable Attacks
Any Weapon Kick [1] / Jump Attack
Daggers Blind Spot (Corvian Greatknife, Handmaid's Dagger)
Straight Swords 2H Second R1 (Valorheart)
Lion Stance (Valorheart) [2]
Spin Slash (Gotthard Twinswords) [2]
Stomp (Dark Sword)
Greatswords Blade of Peril (Gael's Greatsword) [3]
Elfriede's Blackflame (Onyx Blade)
Stomp (Bastard Sword, Executioner's Greatsword)
Wolf Sword (Wolf Knight's Greatsword) [3]
Wrath of the Gods (Wolnir's Holy Sword)
Ultra Greatswords 1H R2 (Astora Greatsword, Zweihander)
Fully Charged 1H R2
2H R1 / 2H R2
All L1s / Ember (Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords)
Flame of Lorian (Lorian's Greatsword)
Profaned Flame (Profaned Greatsword)
Curved Swords Chained Dance (Painting Guardian's Curved Sword)
Crescent Blade (Crescent Moon Sword)
Dancer's Grace (Dancer's Enchanted Swords)
Frost Blade (Pontiff Knight Curved Sword)
Spin Slash
Tornado (Storm Curved Sword)
Curved Greatswords Fully Charged 1H R2
2H R2
Sever (Harald Curved Greatsword)
Spin Slash (Carthus Curved Greatsword, Murakumo, Exile Greatsword)
Wolf Leap (Old Wolf Curved Sword)
Thrusting Swords Rolling L1s / Running L1s (Crow Quills)
Katanas Hold (Frayed Blade) [3]
Onislayer (Onikiri and Ubadachi)
Greataxes Fully Charged 1H R2
2H R1 / 2H R2
Demonic Flare (Demon's Greataxe)
Earthen Wrath (Earth Seeker)
Falling Bolt (Dragonslayer Greataxe)
Fully Charged 1H Warcry R2s (Black Knight Greataxe, Greataxe)
2H Warcry R2s (Black Knight Greataxe, Greataxe)
Hammers Breathe Fire (Follower Torch)
Spin Bash (Drang Hammers)
Great Hammers Fully Charged 1H R2 [4]
2H R1 / 2H R2 [4]
1H Rolling R1 (Pickaxe)
1H First R2 (Ledo's Great Hammer) [6]
Call to Stone (Ledo's Great Hammer)
Kindled Flurry (Gargoyle Flame Hammer)
Molten Perseverance (Old King's Great Hammer)
Morne's Rage (Morne's Great Hammer)
Quake (Quakestone Hammer)
Spin Bash (Great Wooden Hammer, Spiked Mace)
Warcry R2s (Great Club, Large Club)
Spears and Pikes Fully Charged 2H R2 (Greatlance)
Hurl Spear (Follower Javelin)
Spin Sweep (Partizan)
Halberds Chain Spin (Winged Knight Halberd)
Fully Charged 1H R2 / 2H R2 / Mad King's Folly (Crucifix of the Mad King)
Spin Sweep (Black Knight Glaive, Glaive, Lucerne)
Wind Wheel (Splitleaf Greatsword) [5]
Reapers Elfriede's Stance (Friede's Great Scythe) [3]
Frost (Pontiff Knight Great Scythe)
Whips All Attacks
Fists and Claws Flame Whirlwind (Demon's Fist) [2]
Leaping Slash (Claw)
Lifedrain (Dark Hand)
Rolling L1s / Running L1s / Raptor Flurry (Crow Talons)
Small Shields and Normal Shields 2H R1s / 2H R2s
Shield Bash
Greatshields All Attacks

[1] Thrusting Swords and Flip Curved Swords unique kicks are parriable.
[2] R2 follow-up is parriable.
[3] R1 follow-up is parriable.
[4] Pickaxe Fully Charged 1H R2s, 2H R2s, and 2H Charged R2s still parriable.
[5] R1 and R2 follow-ups are unparriable, but spins after the first are parriable.
[6] Second 1H R2s and Fully Charged Second 1H R2s still parriable.

Enemy Attacks

Parriable Bosses

Name Notes
Iudex Gundyr Including Phase 2.
Crystal Sage
Deacons of the Deep Including Archdeacon Royce.
Abyss Watchers
Pontiff Sulyvahn Including Clone.
Dragonslayer Armour "Weapon Arts" only. Cannot be riposted.
Champion Gundyr
Lorian, Elder Prince Cannot be riposted.
Sister Friede Partial parries.
Champion's Gravetender Player rules apply.
Halflight, Spear of the Church Player rules apply.

Parriable Enemies

Name Notes
NPCs Player rules apply.
Archive Scholar
Black Knight
Boreal Outrider Knight
Carthus Swordsman
Cathedral Evangelist
Cathedral Grave Warden
Cathedral Knight
Consumed King's Knight
Corvian Knight
Corvian Storyteller
Crystal Sage (Enemy)
Deacon of the Deep
Demon Cleric
Devout Bomber
Devout of the Deep
Dragonslayer Armour (Enemy)
Farron Follower
Gertrude's Knight Twinaxe only.
Grave Warden
Grave Warden Skeleton
Great Crab Right claw only.
Harald Legion Knight One-handed attacks only.
Hollow Assassin
Hollow Cleric Cannot be riposted.
Hollow Manservant Saw only.
Hollow Slave
Hollow Soldier
Large Devout of the Deep
Large Hollow Soldier
Large Serpent-man
Lothric Knight
Lothric Priest
Lothric Thief
Millwood Knight
Overgrown Lothric Knight
Peasant Hollow
Pontiff Knight
Praying Hollow Soldier
Ringed Knight
Sage's Devout
Sage's Prentice
Silver Knight
Smouldering Ghru
Winged Knight Twinaxe only.

Characters with Parries

Enemy Notes
Daughter of Crystal Kriemhild
Halflight, Spear of the Church
Hawkwood the Deserter Hawkwood's Shield only.
Holy Knight Hodrick
Serpent-man Daggers only.
Skeleton Headless only.
Soul of Cinder Curved Sword only.
Sword Master



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