Pharis' Hat


Broad-brimmed leather hat.
Traditionally used by master archers,
and especially favored by forest-dwelling hunters.

The name Pharis is said to have once belonged to
a hero, but is now more widely known as a style
of hat


Dropped from one of the three Elder Ghrus circling a Poison Gem near the Keep Ruins bonfire in Farron Keep


Part of Leather Set

Pharis's Hat
Pharis's Hat Image
Poise 1.7 Sell Price / Soul Value 100
Durability 250 Weight 2.3
Physical Defences Elemental Defences
Base Physical Defence 2.7 Magic Defence 3.6
Strike Defence 2.2 Fire Defence 3.9
Slash Defence 2.7 Lightning Defence 4.1
Thrust Defence 2.7 Dark Defence 3.6
Requirements Resistances
Strength Requirement - Bleed Resistance 17
Dexterity Requirement - Poison Resistance 26
Intelligence Requirement - Frostbite Resistance 24
Faith Requirement - Curse Resistance 20
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