Prism Stone


Warm pebble emitting a beautiful phasing aura of seven colors, with a very rare eighth.

The prism stone does nothing special, but can serve as a path marker, or perhaps dropped off a cliff to judge height by the sound of its descent. If a loud noise is heard upon its landing, then a fall from the ledge is surely lethal.


When dropped will sparkle and glow the colours of the rainbow. Order is X, Y, Z.



If dropped from ledges, you can judge whether the jump would kill you or not. Unless you hear a loud sound reminiscent of glass breaking, you will survive the fall.

Can be traded with Pickle Pee for Twinkling Titanite (only once per NG)
Note that in Dark Souls 3, you do not need to reload to complete the trade. Dropping the item inside the nest is sufficient.

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Maximum Held Max. Held 99
Maximum Stored Max. Stored 600
Sell Price Sell Price 5
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