Archomancer of Scorching Faith

This is a build that focuses on Faith, Fire, and Archery. It is meant for people looking for a PVE build that is designed to draw opponents out to them (archery) and then try to convert the enemy and have them repent. If they choose not to (which will always be the case) you use pyromancy and melee to banish the heathen where they belong. You choose to walk in Faith relying on God to heal you as you request and to give you the ability to smite evil with lightning. You role play this character more than anything else.

The difficulty comes from sticking to the backstory of a warrior for God trying to vanquish the evil that prevents the departed from achieving the next step in the afterlife due to the corruption that has occurred since the first flame was kindled.

You are no slouch, you will attain power thru the grace of God and in the end you will be the vessel that is used to cleanse the evil from this place.

Fallen Knight Help
Pyromancer Garb
Alva Gauntlets
Havel Leggings

Black Bow of Pharis
Thrall Ax - Fire
Battle Ax - Fire
White Hair Talisman
Crest Shield
Pyromancer Flame

Havels +2
Hawk Ring
Flame Plate Ring +2
Ring of Favor +2

Miracles & Pyromancies:
Great Heal
Fire Ball
Lightning Stake
Great Lightning Spear

Have Fun!


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level_icon.jpg 405
vigor_icon.jpg 40
attunement_icon.jpg 35
endurance_icon.jpg 40
vitality_icon.jpg 99
strength_icon.jpg 40
dexterity_icon.jpg 40
intelligence_icon.jpg 60
faith_icon.jpg 60
luck_icon.jpg 7
weapon_type.png Unique
item_discovery.png Pyromancer
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