Blessed Paladin (PvE/Role Play)
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Blessed Paladin (PvE/Role Play)
Blessed Paladin (PvE/Role Play) Image
General Information
Build Type Melee
Starting Class Warrior
Level Level 86
Vigor Vigor 20
Attunement Attunement 20
Endurance Endurance 20
Vitality Vitality 11
Strength Strength 20
Dexterity Dexterity 20
Intelligence Intelligence 8
Faith Faith 45
Luck Luck 11

Build Description

If you have browsed through my build suggestions, you may notice that most of my builds are hovering around level 70 and 80. These are not challenge builds that I intentionally keeping my character's level "low", rather I level up when needed and I find myself beating NG between level 70 and level 80 since my second build. (Remark: I level up freely on my first build so that I can afford to try out almost all the weapons and spells. Just part of learning process.)

These so-called level 120 limit for PvPers' are ideas carried on since Demon's Souls. In Demon's Souls and Dark Souls 1, players needed to have significant trade-off to maximize their character's ability even at level 120. However, in Dark Souls 3, as well as Bloodborne, level 70-80 would be more appropriate to beat NG, and players are required to have significant trade-off among various stats to maximize offensive and defensive abilities. At level 120, there will be no trade-off and easily overpowering in NG PvE.

Don't believe me? Try it out yourself using one of my PvE suggestions, especially, if you are willing to learn each PvE enemy's attack pattern and weakness. No summoning phantom is required.


A melee faith build that can wield bless infused weapon early. Most weapons loss damage significantly when infused with blessed gem. Astora Greatsword, on the other hand, gains damage output when infused with blessed gem and player also have the benefit of HP regen using a blessed weapon. This build allow players to have a relatively stronger weapon with all the benefit of being a faith build character, such as HP regen.

Any light weight helm
Undead Legion Armor
Undead Legion Gauntlet
Undead Legion Leggings

Right Hand 1: Raw Mace/Blessed Astora Greatsword/Blessed Lothric Greatsword
Left Hand Weapon 1: Grass Crest Shield
Left Hand Weapon 2: Cleric Sacred Chime
Left Hand Weapon 3: Blessed Mail Breaker/Blessed Parrying Dagger/Knight's Crossbow/Arbalest

1. Healing Aid
2. Medium Heal
3. Sunlight Spear

Havel's Ring
Morne's Ring/Ring of the Sun's First Born
Chloranthy Ring
Damage absorption/resistance rings depending on area

This build is for role playing purpose. It allows players to develop a Paladin wielding blessed weapons with decent faith scaling.

As you may notice, most weapons have very lousy damage output in blessed infusion comparing to heavy or sharp or refined infusion or even no infusion. There is one weapon early in the game that have B scaling on faith stat, and that weapon is Blessed Astora Greatsword. It will reach A scaling on faith at +2 or higher reinforcement, therefore Blessed Astora Greatsword has better damage output comparing to other infusion for faith build characters.

Regarding classes, warrior and mercenary are more suitable for this build comparing to other classes due to the fact that you require some strength and dexterity to wield the Astora Greatsword.

When starting with any of those two classes, you want to acquire mace as soon as it is available. Strike attack of mace provide poise and swiftness of a relatively light weapon. Infuse the mace to raw and it can easily carry you to Cleansing Chapel with mere +3 reinforcement. You want to save titanite shards and large titanite shards for the Blessed Astora Greatsword. If you acquire Knight's Crossbow early by any luck, you can damage the wyvern at Lothric High Wall with 80+ wood bolts for the large titanite shard (if you shoot his chin below him) and you can also trade a fire bomb to the crow for another large titanite shard, and that would guarantee you +4 Blessed Astora Greatsword. This will be your primary weapon until Lothric Castle. By the way, Lothric Greatsword will be available if Greirat survives second run, but you won't get another blessed gem until reaching Lothric Castle (unless you farm it from the angel at the High Wall, of course).

If you complete first quest for Sirris, she would reward you blessed mail breaker. Equip blessed mail breaker on your off hand, and switch to it whenever you don't need either the shield or the chime, you will rarely use estus flask.

On leveling up before reaching Lothric Castle, you want to level up strength and dexterity using souls earned on first two areas. At minimum, you want 16 strength and 18 dexterity, then, you want to level up faith to at least 20 or higher. After Lothric Castle or, if you wish, after Aldrich, you want to level up vigor for HP for easier boss battles at Lothric Castle. Then, raise your faith to desired level, cap at 40/45 if you will, as diminishing return is really bad after level 40 and you can use Priestess Ring for additional "free" 5 points in faith. You want to raise vigor and endurance as well for higher survivability and allow you more than two swings of either greatsword.

Once you acquire Lothric Greatsword and infuse it to Blessed Lothric Greatsword, it will be your primary weapon for the rest of the playthrough.

Late game rings (after finish exploring Grand Archive and Untended Grave) to maximize weapon damage output:
Knight's Ring
Hunter's Ring
Priestess Ring
Havel's Ring

Side note:

If may be a good idea to transpose Profaned Greatsword and/or Lorian's Greatsword for fire attack, which will be useful in some areas.

If you want to use any offensive miracle, Sunlight Spear will be a good choice, which can be transposed using Souls of Lords at end game. Equipping Ring of the Sun's First Born and use a decent +10 chime, Sunlight Spear is devastating to most bosses.

I choose Undead Legion's armor, Undead Legion's gauntlet, and Undead Legion's leggings for light weight and decent resistance against fire and frost.


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