Brother Blood / Bleed build.

Right hand weapon 1: Hollow Onikiri and Ubadachi +10 or Hollow warden twin blades +10 or Hollow great Corvian scythe +10.

Right hand weapon 2: Hollow Carthus great sword +10.

Left hand weapon 2: Hollow Llewellyn shield +10, Hollow target shield +10, Hollow leather shield +10.

Armor: Shadow garb, Shadow gauntlets, Shadow leggings.
With the great corvian scythe : Hood of prayer, robe of prayer, skirt of prayer, shadow gauntlets?

Rings: Carthus milking, Hunter's ring , Knight's ring, Pontiff's right eye or the one you like better.

When every rings listed above is equipped, you should have good stats:
Strength 29
Dexterity 47
Luck 45

Gameplay: You should buy as much Carthus rouge as you can.
Before every boss fight and during or before fighting a tough enemy buff your weapon with Carthus rouge.
The rest depends on your skills.
Good luck, so to speak.


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level_icon.jpg 120
vigor_icon.jpg 39
attunement_icon.jpg Default
endurance_icon.jpg 34
vitality_icon.jpg 9
strength_icon.jpg 24
dexterity_icon.jpg 39
intelligence_icon.jpg Default
faith_icon.jpg Default
luck_icon.jpg 35
weapon_type.png Melee
item_discovery.png Thief
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