Classic Strength
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Classic Strength
Classic Strength Image
General Information
Build Type Melee
Starting Class Knight
Level Level 108/120
Vigor Vigor 40
Attunement Attunement 10 - Base
Endurance Endurance 40
Vitality Vitality 30
Strength Strength 35 + 5(Knight's Ring)
Dexterity Dexterity 12 - Base
Intelligence Intelligence 9 - Base
Faith Faith 9 - Base
Luck Luck 7 - base

Build Description


05/08/2016 - Corrected many grammatical errors and added more information.


Before we jump into it… Yes, I am aware that Soul Level 120 is the aim and that this is nothing new special or 'unique'. In this guide Soul Level 108 is shown as that is the earliest point in progression in which you can achieve the 'foundation of the build. From Soul Level 108 and up there are a number of ways you can distribute the remaining points; increase Vigor to 50 for more HP, increase Strength to 50 to one-hand the Fume Ultragreatsword, increase Vitality to 40 for more Equip Load, increase Dexterity by X amount to open up more weapon options, or even boost Faith to 20 for extra versatility, ect… Basically distribute the points as you see fit to adapt the build to your style.

That said, if you have ever played a Dark Souls game before for any length of time you have most likely tried a Classic or Pure Strength build. Big armor, big weapons and big numbers! This build focuses on delivering crushing blows make short work of weaker enemies while having the damage output to rip bosses apart. The weapons shown are all excellent tools of destruction that will make you a blessed sight to those you choose to help and something to frightful to those foolish enough to invade you.

Regardless of weapon choice from the offerings below you should be able to take out most enemies in one hit with standard light attacks with the exception of strong enemies that make require several hits. I personally try to save my weapon arts for enemy players and player-like NPCs, and of course bosses. Yhorm's Great Machete has been my general go to weapon and preferred PvP option while the Dragonslayer Greataxe proves superior in some boss battles. Both benefit greatly from a weapon arts shield such as the two below. The Shield of Want will survive as a general shield used in most cases while the Wolf Knight's Greatshield will serve as a 'boss shield' and can be used against heavy status effect focused players. If you prefer to parry there are of course other options but for a build with the potential to invest 50 into Vigor and or has the ability to wear stronger armor I do not feel the need is there.


Head: Alva Helm
Chest Alva Armor
Hands Alva Gauntlets
Legs: Alva Leggings

The Alva Set is one of my favorites in Dark Souls 2 and I am glad to see this light weight set make a return. A great balance of defense, weight cost and Poise(which is disabled, yes). I also like to use the Dragon Head Stone with Black Knight Armor which gives a nice dragonkin lord look for those who like to play Fashion Souls 3.


Ring 01: Ring of Favor(+X)
Ring 02: Chloranthly Ring(+X)
Ring 03: Havel's Ring(+X)
Ring 04: Knight's Ring

This combination gives everything a Strength focused build needs; Stamina recovery, extra HP, increased Equip Load and saves you five attribute points with the Knight's Ring.


01: Yhorm's Great Machete(+X) - A great, hard hitting weapon with an amazing weapon art that has allowed me to tear through a friend with 50 Vigor with rings and full Black Iron Armor.

02: Dragonslayer's Greataxe(+X) - Solid move-set like the above but with a nasty close range weapon art that will deals massive damage in a single blow, especially to the drake The Nameless King rides.

03: Fume Ultragreatsword(+X) - I have not used it much due to the higher one-hand requirement but I know people like it!

04: Heavy Zweihander(+X) - A classic with great scaling when infused with a Heavy gem. Easily replaced with a Claymore with similar reinforcement and scaling.


01: Shield of Want(+X) - A solid 100% physical shield that allows you to use your weapon art instead of parrying. Works great with either Yhorm's and or Dragonslayer's.

02: Wolf Knight's Greatshield(+X) - Much like the above but with higher Stability and is better against bosses.

My 'Current' Build:


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