Deprived for Beginners
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Deprived for Beginners
Deprived for Beginners Image
General Information
Build Type Melee
Starting Class Deprived
Level Level 103
Vigor Vigor 25
Attunement Attunement 18
Endurance Endurance 30
Vitality Vitality 30
Strength Strength 15
Dexterity Dexterity 40
Intelligence Intelligence 12
Faith Faith 12
Luck Luck 10

Build Description

Fire Gem (Use it early before the Sharp Gem scales better with your DEX)

R1 - Sharp Lothric Knight Sword +10
R2 - Long Bow +X
R3 - /
L1 - Shields*
L2 - Pyromancy Flame +10
L3 - /

*Switch between the Crest Shields with 100 Physical Defense, and the higher Defense for the Stat you need:
Golden Wing Crest Shield,
Dragon Crest Shield,
Spirit Tree Crest Shield,
Crest Shield

Thief's Mask
Drang Set

Spells - 3 Slots:
Fire Weapon (Always with Lothric Knight Sword)
Switch between Carthus Beacon, Profuse Sweat, Flash Sweat, Warmth

1 - Chloranthy Ring
2 - Ring of Favor
3 - Hunter's Ring / Knight's Ring*
4 - Lingering Dragoncrest Ring *²
*Switch to Knight's Ring for the 5 STR, needed for the Dragonslayer Spear
*²Switch this one for defensive Rings if needed.

Alternative Weapons:
Dragonslayer Spear
Dancer's Enchanted Swords

All type of Resins

Of your Choice

The idea was to max out an early game weapon and try to build around it. The Lothric Knight Sword comes early, has a basic Move-Set, and is pretty flexible.
The Standard/Thrust Damage is usefull in the most fights. The Move-Set is well enough for PVP and if you have struggle with a Boss, use Resins to answer their Defensive Stats.


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