Guard Break Shield Build
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Guard Break Shield Build
Guard Break Shield Build Image
General Information
Build Type Unique
Starting Class Warrior
Level Level 111
Vigor Vigor 30
Attunement Attunement 15
Endurance Endurance 40
Vitality Vitality 35
Strength Strength 40
Dexterity Dexterity 12
Intelligence Intelligence 8
Faith Faith 9
Luck Luck 11

Build Description

This build is centered around stagger and riposte, using the dragonslayer greatshield and the dagger/mail breaker. The dragonslayer greatshield has a fantastic shield bash, able to knock enemies down. I know it is a latter game item, so farm a lothric knight greatshield until the profaned capital, where you will kill yhorm and transpose his souls for his shield until the dragonslayer amour fight. Getting the dagger is near IMPOSSIBLE(sarcasm) and the mail breaker is even HARDER(just kidding)! The dagger you get from the shrine handmaid for(cue dramatic music) 300 Souls!!! Outrageous!!! And the the mail breaker…you find on the way to Greirat! You have to kill three thieves, a halberd hollow, a firebomb throwing hollow, and a FOURTH THIEF!!! BLASPHEMY! but seriously though, very easy build, just turtle behind your shield and bait them in the attacking you, then shield bash and riposte, rinse and repeat, and with the mail breaker infused with a raw gem, shouldn't have to repeat more than 3 times. Armour doesn't matter(I don't use any) and as long as you build your endurance up, you should be fine.


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