Irithyll Knight
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Irithyll Knight
Irithyll Knight Image
General Information
Build Type Melee
Starting Class Mercenary
Level Level 82
Vigor Vigor 20
Attunement Attunement 20
Endurance Endurance 20
Vitality Vitality 11
Strength Strength 20
Dexterity Dexterity 20
Intelligence Intelligence 43
Faith Faith 8
Luck Luck 9

Build Description

If you have browsed through my build suggestions, you may notice that most of my builds are hovering around level 70 and 80. These are not challenge builds that I intentionally keeping my character's level "low", rather I level up when needed and I find myself beating NG between level 70 and level 80 since my second build. (Remark: I level up freely on my first build so that I can afford to try out almost all the weapons and spells. Just part of learning process.)

These so-called level 120 limit for PvPers' are ideas carried on since Demon's Souls. In Demon's Souls and Dark Souls 1, players needed to have significant trade-off to maximize their character's ability even at level 120. However, in Dark Souls 3, as well as Bloodborne, level 70-80 would be more appropriate to beat NG, and players are required to have significant trade-off among various stats to maximize offensive and defensive abilities. At level 120, there will be no trade-off and easily overpowering in NG PvE.

Don't believe me? Try it out yourself using one of my PvE suggestions, especially, if you are willing to learn each PvE enemy's attack pattern and weakness. No summoning phantom is required.


New build to prepare a new character for upcoming Ashes of Ariandel expansion based on footages available from the trailer as well as Internet speculation among Souls communities. This build also has Irithyll theme, thus this character can use Irithyll weapons only. Since there is footage of frost spell in the trailer, this build will have high Intelligence stat for magic spells as well.

Starting Gift:

Life Ring


Right Hand Weapon 1: Irithyll Straight Sword/Irithyll Rapier
Right Hand Weapon 2: Scholar's Candlestick
Left Hand Weapon 1: Pontiff Knight Shield
Left Hand Weapon 2: Sorcerer's Staff/Court Sorcerer's Staff


Sellsword set for early part of the game.
Pontiff Knight's Set when available.
Outrider Knight Set when available.


Crystal Soul Spear/Great Heavy Soul Arrow
Farron Flashsword



Havel's Ring
Sage's Ring
Scholar Ring
Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring

Stat leveling suggestion:

1. Level up endurance to 20 first.
2. Level up strength to 12, so that you can wield Irithyl Straight Sword.
3. Level up vigor a little bit, if needed.
4. Level up Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Attunement up to 20/20/43/20 on your comfort level for each stat.
5. Level up Vigor to 20.


This build is based on speculation, therefore it could be way off from optimal build for new weapons and new spells available in Ashes of Ariandel expansion.

Since any Irithyll related weapons, Irithyll Straight Sword, Irithyll Rapier, Pontiff Knight Curved Sword, Vordt's Great Hammer, Immolation Tinder, or Pontiff Knight Great Scythe, are not buffable, there is no need to equip any spell or pyromancy or miracle to buff weapons, nor it is necessary to equip any resin. I choose Irithyll Straight Sword and Irithyll Rapier for this build, you can choose other weapons and adjust stats accordingly. Furthermore, with exception of Immolation Tinder, the other Irithyll weapons only scale with strength and/or dexterity, thus Intelligent leveling for the most part is separate leveling path for offense.

Mercenary is the best starting class for this build, other starting class would require you leveling up beyond 82 for decent overall stats, thus you will have less room to adjust after DLC release. Even though we can re-stat with Rosaria, I tend to avoid re-stat unless I make major mistake leveling.

In order to wield the Irithyll Straight Sword, which is available at the end of Undead Settlement, you will need 12 strength and 14 dexterity. Mercenary has base 10 strength and 16 dexterity, leveling up strength by 2 will allow you to wield the weapon. Depends on your style, you can level up Intelligence for spell power or strength to increase weapon damage. In order to use Irithyll Rapier effectively, which is available at Dragon Barracks, you want 20 strength and 20 dexterity for decent damage. Save all the Twinkling Titanites to upgrade both weapons.

On the intelligence leveling side, it is the same as any mage's build. Upgrade staves and leveling intelligence based on your comfort level.

Click the Files link below to see a picture of this build.


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