Jedi Master
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Jedi Master
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General Information
Build Type: Unique
Starting Class: Sorcerer
Level Level: 52+
Vigor Vigor: 15+
Attunement Attunement: 40+
Endurance Endurance: 20+
Vitality Vitality: 10+
Strength Strength: 10+
Dexterity Dexterity: 10+
Intelligence Intelligence: 27+
Faith Faith: 7
Luck Luck: 12

Build Description

Spells Needed:
*Farron Flashsword
*Aural Decoy
*Any Magic Weapon Spell
*Twisted Wall Of Light

Weapons/Spell Tools
*Any Spell Tool that will cast Sorceries
*And Just For Rapport Need Tool that cast Pyromancies
*Almost Any Straight Sword/Curved Sword/Trusting Sword.


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