Low level Pyromancer

Right hand weapon 1: Pyromancy flame +10.
Right hand weapon 2: Morion blade +5
Right hand weapon 3: Witch's Locks +5

Left hand weapon 1: Pyromancy flame +10.
Left hand weapon 2: Small leather shield, Target shield? It's up to you .

Spells: Great chaos fire orb, Bursting fireball .

Armor: Old sage's blindfold, Cornyx's garb, Cornyx's wrap, Cornyx's skirt. Or Black armor set.

Rings: Witch's ring, Great swamp ring, Fire clutch ring, Sage ring.

I use 8 Ashen estus flask+10.


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level_icon.jpg 69
vigor_icon.jpg 20
attunement_icon.jpg 18
endurance_icon.jpg 18
vitality_icon.jpg 10
strength_icon.jpg 12
dexterity_icon.jpg 20
intelligence_icon.jpg 25
faith_icon.jpg 25
luck_icon.jpg 10
weapon_type.png Ranged
item_discovery.png Deprived
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