Hocus Pocus / Hello Najuu0

Right hand weapon 1: Estoc+10, you can make it raw.

Right hand weapon 2: Scholar's Candlestick.

Left hand weapon 1: Court sorcerer's staff+10.

Left hand weapon 2 : Dark hand.

Armor: Sage's big hat, Cornyx's garb, Court sorcerer gloves, Court sorcerer trousers. OR Sage's big hat, Court sorcerer robe, court sorcerer gloves, court sorcerer trousers.
You can use the crown of Dusk in place of the Sage's big hat to boost your sorceries, but I don't use it for fashion soul purposes.

Rings: Young dragon ring, Bellowing dragoncrest ring, Magic clutch ring, Sage ring.

Spells: I mainly use: Great deep soul, Great Heavy soul arrow, Crystal spear, Crystal magic weapon, Homing crystal Soulmass, Spook, hidden body.
Use the spells you feel comfortable with !

Gameplay: Before casting any projectile make sure you have the Scholar's candlestick equipped and visible in one of your hand. You don't need to meet the attribute requirement to benefit from its sorcery strengthening properties. Also put a certain distance between you and your opponent.

Great deep soul is to cast fast multiple soul projectiles at the same time, and kill very weak enemies( it's to you to attune it or not)
Great Heavy soul arrow for average enemies, Crystal soul spear for bosses and against players.
I use crystal magic weapon when I need to melee.

I use 7 Ashen estus flask .


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level_icon.jpg 120
vigor_icon.jpg 27
attunement_icon.jpg 50
endurance_icon.jpg 21
vitality_icon.jpg Default
strength_icon.jpg 10
dexterity_icon.jpg 15
intelligence_icon.jpg 60
faith_icon.jpg Default
luck_icon.jpg Default
weapon_type.png Sorcery
item_discovery.png Sorcerer
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