Pyro Knight

120 is the basic DkS3 community "meta" level. Next step is to level up stats and don't level again.

I bump my Attunement up to 30 at least and then bump Int and Faith to 60 and then stop there. The amount of rewards you get after 60 is minute and it's wasted levels. You're better off spending points in Vigor, Endurance, and Attunement to have more HP, Stamina, and FP respectively.


Armor: Fallen Knight Set

Left Hand: +10 Pyromancy Flame

Right Hand: +10 Chaos Falchion - Chaos scales with strength/dex

Rings: Great Swamp Ring, Witch's Ring, Ring of Favor, Sage Ring

Pyromancies: Great Chaos Fire Orb (Bread and butter. Spam this and everything will go down fast), Black Fire Orb (Good alternative to GCFO as it deals dark damage), Chaos Bed Vestiges (Great for single target enemies/bosses although I prefer GCFO as it has lingering lava damage).

If you need a shield, run a 100% Physical block shield that's low in strength/weight or else you'll have to pour more points into vitality. I will run a +4 Grass Crest Shield and a +4 Golden Wing Crest Shield if I need stamina regen or 100% physical block respectively. Bump vitality to 10 and strength to 14 to help with equipment load and be able to equip the Golden Wing Crest Shield.


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level_icon.jpg 120
vigor_icon.jpg 30
attunement_icon.jpg 24
endurance_icon.jpg 30
vitality_icon.jpg 8
strength_icon.jpg 13
dexterity_icon.jpg 17
intelligence_icon.jpg 40
faith_icon.jpg 40
luck_icon.jpg 7
weapon_type.png Unique
item_discovery.png Pyromancer
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