Simple Knight Build
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Simple Knight Build
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General Information
Build Type: Melee
Starting Class: Knight
Level Level: 70
Vigor Vigor: 29
Attunement Attunement: 10
Endurance Endurance: 25
Vitality Vitality: 20
Strength Strength: 33
Dexterity Dexterity: 31
Intelligence Intelligence: 10
Faith Faith: 9
Luck Luck: 7

Build Description


Any shield with 100% physical defense, I particularly use the shield with draconic emblem, but I alternate it between the lothric knight shield.

Sword a great sword that pleases you in my case I used the large sword of astoras, has a good range. I let her +10 she's giving 439 damage and climbing B and B to STR and DEX.

Armor Set:
Anyone who is of medium weight. I'm wearing a Fallen Knight set. But alternate between him and the dancer.


Life Ring (Increases maximum life by 5.5%)

Ring Of The Favor (Increases max HP by 3%, Stamina by 8% and max Equip Load by 5%.)

Chloranthy Ring (Raises Stamina recovery speed by 7 points / sec)

Havel's Ring (Increases max Equip Load by 15%.)


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