Simple Knight Build
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Simple Knight Build
Simple Knight Build Image
General Information
Build Type Melee
Starting Class Knight
Level Level 70
Vigor Vigor 29
Attunement Attunement 10
Endurance Endurance 25
Vitality Vitality 20
Strength Strength 33
Dexterity Dexterity 31
Intelligence Intelligence 10
Faith Faith 9
Luck Luck 7

Build Description


Any shield with 100% physical defense, I particularly use the shield with draconic emblem, but I alternate it between the lothric knight shield.

Sword a great sword that pleases you in my case I used the large sword of astoras, has a good range. I let her +10 she's giving 439 damage and climbing B and B to STR and DEX.

Armor Set:
Anyone who is of medium weight. I'm wearing a Fallen Knight set. But alternate between him and the dancer.


Life Ring (Increases maximum life by 5.5%)

Ring Of The Favor (Increases max HP by 3%, Stamina by 8% and max Equip Load by 5%.)

Chloranthy Ring (Raises Stamina recovery speed by 7 points / sec)

Havel's Ring (Increases max Equip Load by 15%.)


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