The Ronin
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The Ronin
The Ronin Image
General Information
Build Type Melee
Starting Class Knight
Level Level 120
Vigor Vigor 40
Attunement Attunement 25
Endurance Endurance 14
Vitality Vitality 27
Strength Strength 13
Dexterity Dexterity 40
Intelligence Intelligence 10
Faith Faith 10
Luck Luck 30

Build Description

Get the Uchigatana early from the Swordsmaster, upgrade and use it! You can make it raw if you feel more comfortable with higher Vigor/Endurance in early game. Just get Str to 13 and Dex to 16.
Switch to Onikiri&Ubadachi ASAP when you get them and make them Sharp.

For further Weaponry, use the Winged Spear and Longbow, since they adopt best to the Ronin/Samurai Style.

You want to buff your Swords with Carthus Rouge to get Bleeds every 4-5 Hits. It will devastate most Bosses …

For Armor, I recommend Brigand Chest Armor with Conjurator Hands and Feet, for a light Field Soldier/Ronin like look. You can also use the Fire Witch Set (minus helmet), the Eastern Set (obvoiusly) or the Dragonslayer Set (minus Helmet), as they look the most like a Ronin or Samurai.

Concerning Rings, Chloranthy is a must for Melee Builds, you can also use RoF or Havel, Leo, Farron or Hornet Rings.

The 10/10 Int/Fth are for the use of simple Pyromancies like Carthus Flame Arc, Power Within or Iron Flesh.


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