Warrior Monk

The Monk uses light Clothing/Armor, my recomendation is the Xanthous Set without the Crown. You can also leave the upper body free. Therefore, this build has really low poise and will need a lot of vigor to be playable.

The given Stats can be altered of course and are only an orientation of what would work well. The Faith/Attunement are for those who wish to use some miracles for extra healing etc.

For his choice of weapons, the Warrior Monk is a proud Martial Artist und will use the Caestus and later on, the Demon's Fist (Boss Weapon). As backup, he will use long range melee weapons like the Glaive, Spear/Winged Spear, Drang Twinspears or the really cool looking Black Knight Glaive.

Concerning Rings, I would go with Chloranthy, Ring of Favor, Wolf Ring and any other that pleses your Playstyle.

A small reminder at last: this is aimed to be a cosplay build mainly. While being playable und fun in both pve and pvp, this is by far not an optimal build and has designated weaknesses. I did this build for DkS2 and it was a lot of fun there too :)


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level_icon.jpg 125
vigor_icon.jpg 30
attunement_icon.jpg 14
endurance_icon.jpg 30
vitality_icon.jpg 15
strength_icon.jpg 40
dexterity_icon.jpg 40
intelligence_icon.jpg 10
faith_icon.jpg 25
luck_icon.jpg 10
weapon_type.png Melee
item_discovery.png Mercenary
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