Glass cannon sl90 STR
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Glass cannon sl90 STR
Glass cannon sl90 STR Image
General Information
Build Type Melee
Starting Class Knight
Level Level 90
Vigor Vigor 21
Attunement Attunement 14
Endurance Endurance 14
Vitality Vitality 20
Strength Strength 66
Dexterity Dexterity 18
Intelligence Intelligence 9
Faith Faith 10
Luck Luck 7

Build Description

This build is catered towards dealing very high damage with the best STR scaling weapons possible.

weapons that perform well:
*splitleaf greatsword
best STR scaling for any halberd, extremely high damage and will one-shot even hosts with it's R1->WA->WA-R2/R1 combo.

*fume ultra greatsword
best STR scaling for any ultra greatsword, strike damage (usually around 5-10% more damage against most armors), and buffable.
(slightly out-damaged by other UGS but has strike damage and a good moveset, the only issue being the weight)

*millwood battle axe
best STR scaling of any axe, i've seen it kill phantoms just with the R1-R1 combo. the weapon art will also boost damage by ~7%.

*harald curved greatsword
worse scaling than exile greatsword but a much better WA and range. quick poise and a good running attack.

*millwood greatbow
best STR scaling of any bow/greatbow. gains immense damage with 66 str

great STR scaling and will usually one-shot with a bundle on it's R1->WA->WA-R2 combo.

rings: ring of favor+3, prisoner's chain, Lloyd's sword ring, Flynn's ring
armors: Knight set, Slave knight set, and master's set (+loincloth and ragged mask)
knight set has great mid-weight absorption, slave knight set is a good bit lighter and is also very optimized, master's set for flynn's ring.


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