Heavy Hitter

Use Ultra Great Sword, Great Hammers, Or Great Axes. (I Use A +7 Chaos Great Sword)

A difficult pvp build to master but is easy to catch people off guard when you do

Not Exact number's will be updated at later point. ((I use a similar build for PvP and PvE)Please change if you see something wrong)


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level_icon.jpg 80-90
vigor_icon.jpg 22
attunement_icon.jpg Leave at Min.
endurance_icon.jpg 30
vitality_icon.jpg 20-30
strength_icon.jpg 30+
dexterity_icon.jpg 25
intelligence_icon.jpg Leave at Min.
faith_icon.jpg Leave at Min.
luck_icon.jpg 19
weapon_type.png Melee
item_discovery.png Warrior
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