Make Hexes Great Again
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Make Hexes Great Again
Make Hexes Great Again Image
General Information
Build Type Unique
Starting Class Pyromancer
Level Level 120
Vigor Vigor 30
Attunement Attunement 18
Endurance Endurance 30
Vitality Vitality 10
Strength Strength 16
Dexterity Dexterity 18
Intelligence Intelligence 40
Faith Faith 40
Luck Luck 7

Build Description

-Great Corvian Scythe +10 Dark Infusion (Scales "A" in FTH and INT, nice bleeding and good R2/RT to catch defensive players)
-No shield

Armor set:
-As you like. Just try to balance the equip. load with good rolls (without shield you will need to roll A LOT). I like the Jailer Robe + Archdeacon White Crown + Leggings of Favor + Dancer's Gauntlets. Good poise and still looks like a Dark Priest hahahahaha!

-Izalith Staff +5 (increases the power of Dark sorceries substantially)
-Caitha's Chime +5 (increases the power of Dark miracles substantially)

-Dragoncrest Ring
-Prisoner's Chain (still worth with Vigor Endurance and Vitality below 40)
-Farron Ring
-Bloodbite Ring +1 (the Corvian Scythe inflicts self bleeding)

-Affinity (no comments needed hahahah)
-Deep Protection (works fine with the Caitha's Chime)
-Dark Edge (this one is tricky to use, but is very effective when aimed manually to hit ahead of an opponent)

You can change this build as you like, but the fun is to use a pure and functional Hexer Build for PvP.

If you don't like "exotic" weapons you can change the Corvian Scythe to the Carthus Greatsword +10 Dark Infusion (Scales "A" in FTH and INT too), or the Drakeblood Greatsword +10 Raw Infuson (506 ATK and can be buffed), or even the Astora Straight Sword +10 Raw Infusion if you don't like greatswords (322 ATK and cand be buffed).
Onyx Blade is a interesting choise. Scales with FTH and INT, the weapon art is a buff with dark flame (but deal fire damage, not dark), also doubles as an attack.
There also the brainless Carthus Curved Sword and the spammable Follower Sabre. Both scales "B" with FTH and INT when infused with dark, but be prepared to lose a lot of duels at this point, people are expecting it.
Moonlight Greatsword is viable as well.

I like to keep my gameplay focused only on 2~3 spells for a better FP management and less trouble with too much weapon changes in the middle of the fight, but you can change the Bloodbite Ring to the Darkmoon Ring and add more spells. Wrath of the Gods combined with the Sage Ring +2 can catch people off guard, Dark Blade scales well with the Izalith Staff, and Soul Spear is always a threat.
I don't recommend Great Deep Soul, everyone already learned to dodge this one, but you can try for yourself.
I didn't tried Soul Stream yet.


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