Hybrid Knight - Melee and Sorcery

-Soul level 149 to adjust to the new 150 meta.
-40 vigor should provide a good amout of health for melee combat(soft cap?).
-40 end for soft cap.
-20 vitality to give reasonable Equip Load.
-30 concentration for soft cap.
-11 Strength for Uchigatana.
-40 dex to reach soft cap, high casting speed and sharp weapon damage.
-40 int for soft cap. Provides a good amout of damage for CMW.
-base faith and luck.


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level_icon.jpg 149
vigor_icon.jpg 40
attunement_icon.jpg 30
endurance_icon.jpg 40
vitality_icon.jpg 20
strength_icon.jpg 11
dexterity_icon.jpg 40
intelligence_icon.jpg 40
faith_icon.jpg 8
luck_icon.jpg 9
weapon_type.png Unique
item_discovery.png Mercenary
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