Quality Build

This build is not recommended for extreme heavy weapons like smough's hammer or fume ultra greatsword

1st Ringslot : Ring of Favor for more HP, stamina and equipment load.

2nd Ringslot : Prisoner's Chain adds 5 more Vigor, Endurance and Vitality but reduces all absorptions by 10.

3rd Ringslot : Hornet Ring for more critical damage.

4th Ringslot : Pontiff's Right Eye more damage, as long as attacking persists (you can choose any ring you want it depends on how you gonna play)


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level_icon.jpg 125
vigor_icon.jpg 45
attunement_icon.jpg 10
endurance_icon.jpg 27
vitality_icon.jpg 27
strength_icon.jpg 40
dexterity_icon.jpg 40
intelligence_icon.jpg 9
faith_icon.jpg 9
luck_icon.jpg 7
weapon_type.png Melee
item_discovery.png Knight
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