Stale Winnings
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Stale Winnings
Stale Winnings Image
General Information
Build Type Melee
Starting Class Knight
Level Level 130
Vigor Vigor 40
Attunement Attunement 10
Endurance Endurance 40
Vitality Vitality 22
Strength Strength 40
Dexterity Dexterity 40
Intelligence Intelligence 10
Faith Faith 10
Luck Luck 7

Build Description

Alright, so your main weapon will range from a Refined Carthus Sword, or a Refined Follower Sabre. The Sabre does slightly more damage and has a superior weapon art, but requires the DLC.

Our next weapon is the Gargoyle Flame Spear. With a ridiculous range, as well as speed and damage output, this may very well be your main weapon for quite some time. Most people will surly try to whip out a parrying tool, but the jumping attack of this weapon has extreme range, and is unparryable(as with all jumping attacks).

Another amazing weapon is one I don't see that often, which is a shame. That weapon is the Firelink Greatsword. It has the amazing greatsword R1's, as well as a very underused R2, that if timed properly, can catch people rolling behind you. The weapon art is also useful, with a lingering hitbox on the flames that the weapon sends out, as well as acting as a self-buff for the weapon.

Although not nearly as used anymore, the Hollowslayer Greatsword is still an excellent choice, with a threatening R2 poke that can stack with the Leo Ring, and fairly decent R1's.

These aren't all of the weapons that you can try out with this build, some other notable ones are Gundyr's Halberd, Greatsword, Washing Pole, and a Great Machete(Yhorm's is great as well, but I find that the regular Great Machete's weight is quite ideal).

Now the main thing that you want to keep on you 24/7 is a Blessed Caestus. Not for parrying(although you can obviously use it for that if you want to), but for the small amount of health regen.

Rings wise, you'll want to have a Life Ring+3, Havel's Ring+2, Chloranthy Ring+2, and a Sun Princess Ring. Although you can use any other rings you want, I find these rings to be sufficient for the build. Life Ring for the larger amount of max. health, Havel's for the ability to have more weapons on your person, Chloranthy because who doesn't love stamina regen in a game where you rarely run out of stamina, and Sun Princess for even more health regen. Have fun!


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