The Scrublord

Estoc and Dark Sword to spam the R1 like hell!

Farron Greatsword for those smooth Breakdancing moves!

Caestus or other fast Parry Weapon!

Don't forget to do the Welcome or Point Down Gesture once you won by spamming!

Stats: Whatever is needed!

Also nice to mix in: Tears of Denial Miracle!

Have fun being a total douchebag in DKs3!


The Scrublord
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General Information
Build Type: Unique
Starting Class: Assassin
Level Level:
Vigor Vigor:
Attunement Attunement:
Endurance Endurance:
Vitality Vitality:
Strength Strength:
Dexterity Dexterity:
Intelligence Intelligence:
Faith Faith:
Luck Luck:
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