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- RWeapon 1: Raw Estoc +3/Raw Longsword +3 or anything that requires low stat investment and
can punish rolls (you will need to): Also, a bow to force people to move and/or chip them is also

- LWeapon 1: Simple Caestus or any parrying tool that suits you. Any talisman with less than 16
faith requirement.


- Tears of denial.


- Slot 1: Priestess ring to be able to cast ToD then swap to Estus ring.

- Slot 2: Obscuring ring if you need to hide/want the element of surprise or Hornet ring to punish
spam harder (is not that much compared to higher levels).

- Slot 3: Prisoner's chain. 15 extra levels at lvl 20 mean A LOT.

- Slot 4: Leo ring to always come on top of trades with the Estoc.


Anything that doesn't make you go over the 30% equip load to enable fast roll.


- Undead hunter charm: if you haven't been spotted yet you can try to sneak one of these on the
host while he's fighting mobs. Otherwise, It's almost impossible to get hit by one unless the target
refuses to dodge roll. A small AoE remains after throwing it, useful in narrow corridors.

- Throwing knifes: to finish of someone running. Don't try to finish someone who is going to heal
with this, he will get the heal off. Instead, run to himm and get 2 free hits with your weapon.

- Gold pine bundle: Almost doubles damage per hit on the estoc at this level and can also be applied on the run.

- Estus flask +(Lvl) x(Amount): If you haven't noticed yet, there are a few endgame items here so, now that you are
at it, try to level up your Estus as much as possible since it doesnt affect matchmaking. At +9 they will heal your HP
bar almost to full. With 14 Estus total you will have achieved the 7 Estus cap on invasions aswell.

You will need to almost finish the game at SL 20 wich requieres some guts (*cough* or to know how to bug phantasms


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level_icon.jpg 20
vigor_icon.jpg 15
attunement_icon.jpg 14
endurance_icon.jpg 12
vitality_icon.jpg 15
strength_icon.jpg 13
dexterity_icon.jpg 14
intelligence_icon.jpg 9
faith_icon.jpg 10
luck_icon.jpg 7
weapon_type.png Melee
item_discovery.png Knight
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