Ragged Mask


Rag that covers the wearer's mouth.

Likely a makeshift item that helped reduce intake of various poisonous and noxious fumes.


Found in Farron Keep

Ragged Mask
Ragged Mask Image
Poise 0.4 Sell Price / Soul Value ?
Durability 100 Weight 0.7
Physical Defences Elemental Defences
Base Physical Defence 1.1 Magic Defence 3.8
Strike Defence 1.1 Fire Defence 3.2
Slash Defence 1.1 Lightning Defence 3.5
Thrust Defence 1.1 Dark Defence 3.8
Requirements Resistances
Strength Requirement - Bleed Resistance 13
Dexterity Requirement - Poison Resistance 25
Intelligence Requirement - Frostbite Resistance 7
Faith Requirement - Curse Resistance 29
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