Chillbite Ring
Chillbite Ring
Chillbite Ring Image
Weight Weight 0.6
Sell Price Sell Price 100

In-game Description

One of the bite rings native to Carim.
Increases frost resistance.

This ring would never grace Friede's hand, for the painting and it's frost became her home.


Increases Frost resistance by 140.

Ring Version Effect
Chillbite Ring Increases Frost resistance by 140.
Chillbite Ring +1
Chillbite Ring +2
Chillbite Ring +3


Ring Version Playthrough Acquisition
Chillbite Ring New Game Received from Sister Friede in the Ariandel Chapel in the Painted World of Ariandel.
Chillbite Ring +1 New Game+
Chillbite Ring +2 New Game++
Chillbite Ring +3 New Game+++



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