Horsehoof Ring
Horsehoof Ring
Horsehoof Ring Image
Weight Weight 0.6
Sell Price Sell Price 100

In-game Description

An old ring with a seal depicting a horse's hoof. Boosts kick effect.

Unbreakable Patches adored this ring and the feeling that it gave it him when he kicked his marks into the depths of treacherous traps, but suffered no shortage of ridicule from his associates for relying so heavily on the tired old trick.

But who is the sorrier? The horse who knows only to kick, or the fool who approaches the old beast without thought?


Increases kicking ability.

Ring Version Effect
Horsehoof Ring Increases kicking ability.
Horsehoof Ring +1
Horsehoof Ring +2
Horsehoof Ring +3


Dropped/gifted/sold by Unbreakable Patches.

Ring Version Playthrough Acquisition
Horsehoof Ring New Game Dropped/gifted/sold by Unbreakable Patches.
Horsehoof Ring +1 New Game+
Horsehoof Ring +2 New Game++
Horsehoof Ring +3 New Game+++


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