Ashen Estus Ring

weight: '0.8'
sell_price: '1000'
lore_text: "Gray crystalline ring crafted from shards.\nIncreases FP restored by Ashen Estus Flask.\n\nOnce a treasure brought before Lothric's Queen, she had it enshrined in the Cemetery of Untended Graves, so that one day an Unkindled might profit from its use."
effect_text: 'Increases the FP restored from Ashen Estus Flasks by 20%.'
acquisition_text: 'Untended Graves treasure: Found near the broken fountain.'
has_notes: '0'
notes_text: ''
has_history: '0'
history_text: ''
has_external_links: '0'
external_links_text: ''

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