Bloodbite Ring

weight: '0.6'
sell_price: '100'
lore_text: "One of the bite rings native to Carim.\nIncreases bleed resistance.\n\nThe crafting of these rings is forbidden, perhaps owing to a fear of malleable stone.\nClerics, however, dabble freely in the art."
effect_text: "* Bloodbite Ring: Increases Bleed resistance by 90.\n* Bloodbite Ring +1: Increases Bleed resistance by 190.\n"
acquisition_text: "* Bloodbite Ring (NG): Dropped from the Large Hound-rat in the Undead Settlement when killed for the first time.\n* Bloodbite Ring +1 (NG +1): Smouldering Lake treasure: Near the giant ballista.\n"
has_notes: '0'
notes_text: ''
has_history: '0'
history_text: ''
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