Deep Ring

weight: '0.5'
sell_price: '1000'
lore_text: "A ring bestowed upon the Deacons of the Cathedral of the Deep. Allows attunement of additional spells.\n\nIn the Cathedral slumber things most terrible, and as such, the deacons require a grand narrative, to ensure they do not falter in their duty. A philosophy, to ward away the madness beckoned by the grotesqueries at hand."
effect_text: 'Adds one additional attunement slot.'
acquisition_text: "Cathedral of the Deep treasure: Dropped by a Deacon of the Deep found in a tower accessible by a lift.\n* To reach it, go to the Cleansing Chapel bonfire.\n* Walk through the shortcut door to the back of the room (having opened it previously) and head immediately to the left on to the lift.\n* You will enter a room with a Cathedral Grave Warden wielding a crossbow. Kill it and proceed outside and to the left, hugging the wall.\n* You will find a ladder, climb it and kill the Deacon of the Deep for the ring.\n"
has_notes: '0'
notes_text: ''
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