Leo Ring

weight: '0.5'
sell_price: '1000'
lore_text: "Ring associated with Dragon Slayer Ornstein, one of the Four Knights of Gwyn, the First Lord.\n\nStrengthens thrust weapon counter attacks.\n\nOrnstein was the first knight of the sun's eldest born, and his cross spear is said to have pierced scales made of stone."
effect_text: 'Strengthens thrust weapon counter attacks by 25%.'
acquisition_text: 'Irithyll of the Boreal Valley treasure: Found in a chest in the second level of the Manor with the Silver Knights, nearest to the Distant Manor bonfire.'
has_notes: '0'
notes_text: ''
has_history: '1'
history_text: '* Regulation v.1.06: Leo Ring''s effect was previously +15%. Regulation v.1.06 adjusted all counter attack damage by -10% and Leo Ring +10% to a total of +25%.'
has_external_links: '0'
external_links_text: ''

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