Magic Stoneplate Ring

weight: '0.6'
sell_price: '100'
lore_text: "Stoneplates are symbols of true knights, and blue stoneplates are granted to the royal palace guards.\n\nIncreases magic damage absorption."
effect_text: "* Magic Stoneplate Ring: Increases Magic damage absorption by 13.\n* Magic Stoneplate Ring +1: Increases Magic damage absorption by 17.\n* Magic Stoneplate Ring +2: Increases Magic damage absorption by 20."
acquisition_text: "* Base (NG): Dropped by the Consumed King's Knight just before Oceiros, the Consumed King in Consumed King's Garden.\n* +1 Version (NG +1): Head to the right from the Farron Keep bonfire to an area with Basilisks. It's on a corpse in this area.\n* +2 Version (NG +2): Profaned Capital treasure: From the Profaned Capital bonfire, climb down the interior ladder, exit through the hole in the wall, and turn right. The ring will be towards the end of this path.\n"
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