New Game+++ Rings
Icon Name Effect Weight Acquisition
Chloranthy Ring +3 Icon Chloranthy Ring +3

Increases the Stamina recovery rate by 10 points/sec.


Found in the Ringed City below the Ringed Inner Wall bonfire. Take the lift down from this bonfire, rolling into a side passage on the way down. Continue, dropping down to a statue of Gwyn, and the ring.

Covetous Gold Serpent Ring +3 Icon Covetous Gold Serpent Ring +3

Increases Item Discovery by 115.


Found in the Ringed City, lying on the ground where Lapp is encountered sitting on the chair.

Covetous Silver Serpent Ring +3 Icon Covetous Silver Serpent Ring +3

Fallen enemies will yield 35% more souls.


The Dreg Heap treasure: After taking the huge drop through the church windows near the start of the game, continue past the first Angel into the building with the 2 Knights. Head out of this building and take a right at the fountain, into the house full of Murkmen. When you get to the final room in this building, there is an illusory wall on the left. Continue up the stairs and progress until you come to a large room with a wooden balcony. Jump down from the balcony to the right and you will find the ring on a corpse lying over a balcony railing.

Havel's Ring +3 Icon Havel's Ring +3

Increases maximum Equip Load by 19%.


Found in the Ringed City, near where Silver Knight Ledo invades. There's a path down before entering the house he spawns in, the ring is found there.

Life Ring +3 Icon Life Ring +3

Increases max HP by 8.5%.


Found in the Untended Graves, behind the highest throne in the dark Firelink Shrine.

Ring of Favor +3 Icon Ring of Favor +3

Increases max HP by 6%, Stamina by 12% and max Equip Load by 8%.


Found in the Dreg Heap, up a large root near several Poisonhorn Bug, to the right in the swamp just after the Earthen Peak Ruins bonfire.

Ring of Steel Protection +3 Icon Ring of Steel Protection +3

Increases Physical damage absorption by 18% against enemies. (5% against players)


Found in the Dreg Heap. From The Dreg Heap Bonfire, head forward towards a corpse on the ground. The floor will collapse, once you have fallen exit the room and go past the Angel shooting projectiles at you. Nearby will be a set of wooden planks with the ring on.

Ring of the Evil Eye +3 Icon Ring of the Evil Eye +3

Restores 40 HP per enemy killed.


Dropped by a Mimic in the Ringed City, in the ruined tower section after the first encounter with Darkeater Midir (after the Ringed City Streets bonfire).

Wolf Ring +3 Icon Wolf Ring +3

Increases Poise by 10.


Dropped by the Seeker of the Spurned in the Ringed City.

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