New Game+++ Rings
Icon Name Effect Weight Acquisition
Chloranthy Ring +3 Icon Chloranthy Ring +3

Raises Stamina recovery speed by 10 points/sec.


Found near the Ringed City Streets bonfire in The Ringed City. Take the lift down from this bonfire, rolling into a side passage on the way down. Continue, dropping down to a statue of Gwyn, and the ring.

Life Ring +3 Icon Life Ring +3

Increases max HP by 8.5%.


Untended Graves treasure: Behind the highest throne inside the shrine.

Ring of Steel Protection +3 Icon Ring of Steel Protection +3

Increases physical damage absorption by 18% against enemies. (5% against players)


The Dreg Heap treasure: from the Dreg Heap bonfire, head forward towards a corpse on the ground. The floor will collapse, once you have fallen exit the room and fgo past the Angel shooting projectiles at you. Nearby will be a set of wooden planks with the ring on.

Wolf Ring +3 Icon Wolf Ring +3

Increases poise by 10.


The Ringed City: dropped by the Seeker of the Spurned.

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