Sage Ring

weight: '0.7'
sell_price: '100'
lore_text: "A ring given to Farron's Undead Legion by one of the preacher twins, known more commonly as the Crystal Sages.\n\nShortens spell casting time.\n\nThe sorcers of Farron's Abyss Watchers were known to be lonesome warriors who would only rely upon more pragmatic spells."
effect_text: "* Sage Ring: Increases spell casting speed by X. (+30 dex)\n* Sage Ring +1: Increases spell casting speed by Y. (+35 dex)\n* Sage Ring +2: Increases spell casting speed by Z. (+40 dex)\n\nThis data needs accurate testing!"
acquisition_text: "* Base (NG): Road of Sacrifices treasure: below the ruins before the Crystal Sage boss fight. To get there, head toward the Crystal Sage boss room. There will be a hole in the floor between the first and second pillars on the right.\n* +1 Version (NG +1): Climb out onto the roof of the Grand Archives where three golden Winged Knights engage you. High atop this roof, you can drop into the inside of the building and then work your way down some rafters. The ring is on a corpse on one of the rafters.\n* +2 Version (NG +2): Consumed King's Garden treasure. From the Dancer of the Boreal Valley bonfire, climb the ladder and head left. Once outside, follow the path to a lift and jump off halfway down. Head left and fall onto a platform, then jump to an adjacent platform where the ring is."
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