Rosaria, Mother of Rebirth
NG HP Souls
0 0 0
1 0 0
2 0 0
3 0 0
4 0 0
5 0 0
6 0 0
7 0 0
Strike Weakness 100%
Slash Weakness 100%
Thrust Weakness 100%
Magic Resistance 25%
Fire Resistance 25%
Lightning Resistance 25%
Dark Resistance 25%
Bleed Immunity Susceptible
Poison Immunity Susceptible
Frost Immunity Susceptible


It is said that Rosaria, the mother of rebirth, was robbed of her tongue by her firstborn, and has been waiting for their return ever since.


Upper level in the Cathedral of the Deep, can be reached by falling from the rafters. There is a Knight of the Deep with a crossbow, and to his right, you can fall onto a staircase which will lead to Rosaria as well as a lever which raises the same gate Unbreakable Patches will use to trick the player, which acts as a shortcut.

General Information

  • Leader of Rosaria's Fingers
  • She lets the player respec and change appearance up to 5 times per game cycle.


  • Once you reach the first bonfire of Anor Londo, Ringfinger Leonhard will murder Rosaria, who will leave a Black Eye Orb so you can invade him and retrieve her soul. Her soul can be used either to revive her, or it can be given to Ludleth of Courland in exchange for the Bountiful Sunlight miracle.
  • Leonhard may kill Rosaria before you reach Anor Londo (tested on PS4).
  • Even if she dies, it won't have any consequences, as you can still respec and change appearance, and give Pale tongues.
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