Scholar's Robe


Robe of a sage from the Grand Archives, stained quite deliberately with wax.

The scholars of the Grand Archives, sorcerers by craft, tend to their candles with a reverence that exceeds the simple burden of labor. They know dangers of the Archives' store of knowledge all too well.


Dropped from Scholars in the Grand Archives

Scholar's Robe
Scholar's Robe Image
Poise 5.1 Sell Price / Soul Value 350
Durability 230 Weight 4.2
Physical Defences Elemental Defences
Base Physical Defence 6.9 Magic Defence 13.3
Strike Defence 2.8 Fire Defence 11.2
Slash Defence 4.5 Lightning Defence 12.8
Thrust Defence 5.6 Dark Defence 12.6
Requirements Resistances
Strength Requirement - Bleed Resistance 36
Dexterity Requirement - Poison Resistance 43
Intelligence Requirement - Frostbite Resistance 39
Faith Requirement - Curse Resistance 71
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