Special brew of Siegward of Catarina. Perfect for travel in its jolly barrel mug.

Restores HP and temporarily boosts frost resistance.

Leave it to Siegward to discover a drink that even an Undead can enjoy. Perhaps his long years spent Undead have left him wanting to drain a cup or two and revel as if he were still among the living.


Restores 380 HP and boosts Frostbite resistance by 150 for 60 seconds.


  1. One is given at the Undead Settlement, after defeating the demon beside the cathedral with him.
  2. Another is given when meeting him in a room near the Distant Manor bonfire at Irithyll of the Boreal Valley.
  3. One more is given after defeating Yhorm the Giant, if he is present during the fight.


Can be traded with Pickle Pee for Armor of the Sun (only once per NG)
Note that in Dark Souls 3, you do not need to reload to complete the trade. Dropping the item inside the nest is sufficient.

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Maximum Held 10
Maximum Stored 600
Sell Price 1,000
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