Simple Gem


A gem of infused titanite, said to be an object of infatuation for victims of stunted development.

Used in infusion to create simple weapons.

Simple weapons inflict magic damage and restore FP very gradually, to help even a simpleton muster some mettle.


Infuses a weapon with Magic damage, as well as granting the wielder Focus Point regeneration while infused weapon/shield is held in hand.

According to my testing, the base regeneration is 1FP/5 seconds, going down 0.217 seconds per every upgrade level. At +10 it gives 0.35FP/sec (1FP every 2.85 secs). 7 FP/sec if in both hands.

I don't know if Att, Int of Fth increases it. My stats are 14/10/12.



  • Requires the Giant's Coal in order to infuse weapons with Dark
  • The FP regeneration from Simple items stack
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Maximum Held 99
Maximum Stored 600
Sell Price 500
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