Soul of a Champion



Consume for 25,000 Souls




NG+ Smouldering Lake: In the Demon Ruins area; at the end of the bridge, to the right, near the Greatsword Black Knight

NG+ Irithyll Dungeon: In the Giant's room next to his arms when he is asleep and next to the Crystal Lizard

NG+ Anor Londo: From the first bonfire to the right, on a ledge near the red-eyed Silver Knight

NG+ High Wall of Lothric: After the Dancer of the Boreal Valley bonfire, near the red-eyed Lothric Knight and the healer

NG+ Untended Graves: Next to the broken bonfire

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Maximum Held Max. Held 99
Maximum Stored Max. Stored 600
Sell Price Sell Price ?
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