Soul of an Unknown Traveler


Soul found in the corpse of an unknown traveler.

Use to acquire souls.

Let the fire Keeper transform this sovereignless soul into a source of strength, for to be Unkindled is to be a vessel for souls.


Consume for 800 Souls



Found near the Ravenous Crystal Lizard in Cemetery of Ash.
Found near where Cornyx of the Great Swamp is in Undead Settlement.
Found near the first bonfire, by the overturned car in Road of Sacrifices.


Dropped from the Large Hound-rat in Catacombs of Carthus.
Dropped from the Large Hound-rat, and the Hound-rats that it is protecting, in Smouldering Lake.
Dropped from Hound-rats and Large Hound-rats in Irithyll Dungeon.

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Maximum Held Max. Held 99
Maximum Stored Max. Stored 600
Sell Price Sell Price ?
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