Dead Again
Dead Again
Dead Again Image
spell-type.png Category Miracle
damage-type.png Effect Type Offensive, Ground, AoE
spell-fp.png FP Cost 45
slots-used.png Slots Used 1
soul-value.png Sell Price 500
intelligence.png Intelligence faith.png Faith
15 23


Sacrilegious miracle of the Sable Church of Londor.

Bless corpses, transforming them into traps.

Londor, the Hollow Realm, is a society of undead, comprised of the corpses and shades of those who led unsavory lives. Is such blessing really something one must ponder?


Casts a droplet that detonates nearby corpses, dealing Dark damage.

Damage exclusively scales with the user's Faith stat:
Faith Damage
23 - 29 350
30 - 39 450
40 - 49 550
50 - 59 650
60 - 69 710
70 - 79 770
80 - 99 830


Can be bought from Irina of Carim or Karla for 5,000 Souls after giving either of them the Londor Braille Divine Tome.



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