Divine Pillars of Light
Divine Pillars of Light
Divine Pillars of Light Image
spell-type.png Category Miracle
damage-type.png Effect Type Offensive, AoE
spell-fp.png FP Cost 3
slots-used.png Slots Used 1
soul-value.png Sell Price ???
intelligence.png Intelligence faith.png Faith

In-game description

Miracle of Gertrude, the Heavenly Daughter.

Brings down multiple pillars of light in the vicinity.

The Queen's holy maiden Gertrude was visited by an angel, who revealed this tale to her.

Despite losing both her sight and her voice, she was determined to record the tale. Ordinary men cannot decipher her fragmentary scrawl, nor comprehend how it became the foundation of the Angelic faith of Lothric.


Casts multiple pillars of light in vicinity, dealing Physical damage.


Found in Lothric Castle: Head out from the Grand Archives bonfire and take the lift to the right. At the top of the lift head out towards the Twin Princes fight to the right of the lift and turn left to head up to where the Golden Winged Knights are. Inside of the tower there is a hatch to drop down to a beam and again a drop to a cage with feathers inside of it, you will see the miracle on the ground inside the cage.


  • Similar to Firestorm additional pillars appear after the initial cast causing it to use more focused than listed in the tool tip.

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