Farron Hail
Farron Hail
Farron Hail Image
spell-type.png Category Sorcery
damage-type.png Effect Type Offensive, Ranged
spell-fp.png FP Cost 4
slots-used.png Slots Used 1
soul-value.png Sell Price 300
intelligence.png Intelligence faith.png Faith


Sorcery which improves upon Farron Dart.
Fires a cascade of soul darts.

Entrusted to the leader of the Legion's acolytes, and apparently a sorcery of his daughter, Heysel, that was refined by a Crystal Sage.


Fires a cascade of soul darts at the target, dealing Magic damage.

Damage equals Spell BuffCatalyst × 0.58 (up to four times).


Can be bought from Orbeck of Vinheim for 5,000 Souls after giving him the Sage's Scroll.


  • Base Stamina cost of 30.
  • Orbeck of Vinheim grants the Young Dragon Ring after giving him one Scroll and purchasing three Sorceries.
  • Uses 4 FP upon each set of four sets of soul darts, for up to 16 FP total used.
    • All sets are casted, regardless of FP, with enough for the first set.
  • The darts fire in about a 120 degree horizontal arc, with five clusters of soul darts at 0 degrees in front of the player with additional clusters at about 30 and 60 degrees to the left and right of the player.



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