Great Soul Dregs
Great Soul Dregs
Great Soul Dregs Image
Spell Category Category Sorcery
Effect Type Effect Type Offensive, Ranged
FP Cost FP Cost 30
Attunement Slots Used Slots Used 1
Sell Price / Soul Value Sell Price 500
Intelligence Requirement Intelligence 40


A sorcery that fires great dark soul dregs that have stewed for ages, far within the deep.

This sorcery is the highest form of Deep Soul.

Some of the murkmen who rise from the depths are possessed by soul dregs, which have a grave likeness to the human form.


Fires a great soul dreg towards the target.


Found in The Dreg Heap. From the Dreg Heap bonfire, proceed through the level until you reach the two Overgrown Lothric Knights. Proceed through the door on the right, and follow the uphill path to find a keep filled with Murkmen. Proceed through the rooms until you reach the Murky Longstaff; in that room there will be an illusory wall. Continue up the stairs and the spell will be on a corpse by some tables near the balcony.


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