Hidden Body
Hidden Body
Hidden Body Image
Spell Category Category Sorcery
Effect Type Effect Type Utility
FP Cost FP Cost 25
Attunement Slots Used Slots Used 1
Sell Price / Soul Value Sell Price 200
Intelligence Requirement Intelligence 15


Lost sorcery from Oolacile, land of ancient golden sorceries. Turns body nigh on invisible.

Although perfect invisibility is unachievable due to the risk of dissipation, the caster need only stand still for a moment to blend in to environs with astounding camouflage.


Turns the player invisible, apart from their weapons. Lasts 15 seconds.


Sold by Orbeck of Vinheim for 3,000 souls after returning the Golden Scroll.


  • You cannot see bonfire fire or item glow through a "Hidden Body" body.
  • Seems to only greatly reduce enemies detection range. Archers can still spot you but at a reduced distance. Not effective on bosses and certain enemies.
  • When coupled with the Spook spell or the Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring, the combined stealth trivializes much of the game content aside from boss battles.


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