Spells in Dark Souls III are items that unleash various magical effects when cast. They can be bought, sold, and found throughout the world, much like other, regular items. Spells come in three varieties: Sorceries, Miracles and Pyromancies.

Attuning Spells

All spells need to be attuned (i.e. equipped) at a Bonfire, before they can be used in combat. Attuning a spell requires free Attunement Slots, which can be unlocked by raising the Attunement attribute when leveling up or with some Rings.

Casting Spells

Casting a spell requires an appropriate Catalyst, as well as sufficient Focus Points, Intelligence and Faith.

Certain spells possess Dash and Roll Attacks:

Casting Speed

Casting Speed is improved by Dexterity or VDex (caps at 50) and some equipment may help boost this. These are:

Spell Scaling

Damage for spells is a combination of Spell Buff and Motion Value.

Spell Buff

Spell Buff is a multiplier applied to your spell's Motion Value. The easiest way to see this in the healing Miracles, where the Motion Value is unaffected by other variables.

Consider the Miracle Heal Aid. It has a Motion Value of 150. Let's say you are using a Catalyst with a Spell Buff of 60.

To apply your Spell Buff, divide it by 100 and then multiply the Motion Value of Heal Aid with your result.

\begin{align} FinalValue=(SpellBuff/100)⋅BaseValue \end{align}

For our example, this would be (60 / 100) * 150, resulting in 90.

Hidden Spell Buff

For Catalysts effective at casting Dark Spells, or other spell types such as White Hair Talisman's Pyromancies, there exist hidden Spell Buff values. These are what cause Dark or other Spells to deal more or less damage than in-game Spell Buff.


Spell Scaling

These are the rules of Spell Scaling damage for Spell Types:

It's notable that Crystal Chime allows Sorceries and Miracles to scale with both Intelligence and Faith. However, Physical damage Miracles (e.g. Emit Force) do not scale from Intelligence.




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