Spells in Dark Souls III are items that unleash various magical effects when cast. They can be bought, sold, and found throughout the world, much like other, regular items. Spells come in three varieties: Sorceries, Miracles and Pyromancies.

Attuning Spells

All spells need to be attuned (i.e. equipped) at a Bonfire, before they can be used in combat. Attuning a spell requires free Attunement Slots, which can be unlocked by raising the Attunement attribute when leveling up.

Casting Spells

Casting a spell requires an appropriate Catalyst, as well as sufficient Focus Points, Intelligence and Faith.

Casting During Movement

Certain spells can be cast whilst moving. These are:

[*] Includes sprinting and rolling attacks.

Casting Speed

Casting speed is improved by Dexterity (Cap: 50) and some equipment. Equipment that affects spell casting speed:

Spell Scaling

Details of Catalysts may be required. How spellbuff works (not spell types) and what is only affected by spellbuff i.e. weapon buffs.

These are the rules of spell damage scaling for spell types:

It's notable that Crystal Chime allows Sorceries and Miracles to scale with both Intelligence and Faith. However physical damage miracles (e.g. Emit Force) do not scale from Intelligence.

Using battle art abilities like Steady Chant, Chant from the Depths and Awakening will benefit spells casted from another catalyst. e.g. Steady chant from the Sage's Crystal Staff and then casting spells with a Crystal Chime will increase the damage of Crystal Soul Spear.


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