Stamina Icon Stamina is a derived attribute that represents a character's physical energy, and is used to perform combat actions, like attacking, dodge rolling or blocking with a shield.

In-game Description

Required for various actions.
Depletes when actions are taken, but recovers automatically.


Stamina is used by the player to commit to any combat action. Once it has depleted, the player is unable to commit any actions that require it.

Stamina Consumption

Below are tables for stamina consumption per weapon swing/item use. These values are from the Ringed City regulation patch 1.31, and are from a naked character wielding only the weapon.

The costs are in points from the value you see on your character stat screen. For example, if you have 170 Stamina, swinging a Battle Axe normally will leave you with 150 Stamina until your stamina regenerates.


Action Cost
Kick 30
Jump 20

Weapon values can be found on the weapon's individual page.

Stamina Regeneration

Stamina regenerates at a default rate of 45 points per second.
The regeneration rate can be influenced by certain items (e.g. the Chloranthy Ring) in both positive or negative ways.

The modifiers to stamina regeneration are flat, i.e. the Chloranthy Ring regenerates +7 points per second, not a percentage.


Item / Effect Regen. Rate
Galvanize +10
Impact -10
Grass Crest Shield +4
Greatshield of Glory -20
Chloranthy Ring +7
Chloranthy Ring +1 +8
Chloranthy Ring +2 +9
Green Blossom +6
Budding Green Blossom +9
Power Within +30
Deep Protection +3
Toxic -15
Frostbite -15
> 70% Equip Load -9
> 100% Equip Load -14

The only percentage modifier is whilst the player is blocking or in a Battle Art stance, which reduces stamina regeneration by -80%.


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